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Name of Respondent(s) Date Type of Action File Number
Mary Beth Ann Johnson December 01, 2005 Consent Order Of Revocation 0500365
Bryan E. Muller December 02, 2005 Order Of Denial 0500502
James R. Pecoraro December 06, 2005 Summary Order Of Denial 0500608
Bikini Vending Inc.,
A/K/A 360 Wireless Inc.,
Edward Bevilacqua
December 13, 2005 Order Of Prohibition 0400211
Millennium Associates,
George Holmes,
Peter Hare
December 13, 2005 Order Of Prohibition 0300745
Quentin G. Bischoff December 16, 2005 Notice Of Hearing 0500586
Rodolfo Hernandez Jr. December 16, 2005 Corrected Notice Of Hearing 0500509
Tony Gannacone I I I December 16, 2005 Notice Of Hearing 0500409
Chemport L.L.C. December 20, 2005 Order Of Prohibition 0400745
Anthony G. Peterson December 20, 2005 Order Of Revocation 0400574
Daniel Passarelli,
D/B/A Million Inc.
December 22, 2005 Notice Of Hearing 0400731
Peter H. You,
D/B/A Springfield L.L.C.
December 22, 2005 Order Of Prohibition 0500060
Susan Genard,
Susan Genard Producer,
D/B/A Camden Pictures
December 28, 2005 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0300085
Lee H. Anglin,
D/B/A 4-A Development Inc.,
D/B/A Anglin Commercial Group Inc.,
D/B/A Anglin International Holdings Inc,
Anglin International Holdings Inc. An Illinois Corporation
December 29, 2005 Amended Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0400707
World Wide Market Planners L.L.C.,
James Pilon,
Verna Pilon
December 30, 2005 Order Of Prohibition 0500163

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