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Name of Respondent(s) Date Type of Action File Number
Timothy R. Touloukian February 05, 2007 Consent Order Of Withdrawal 0600467
Edwin L. Dunn February 06, 2007 Summary Order Of Denial 0700014
John F. Tyus February 09, 2007 Notice Of Hearing 0600553
North American Pipeline Corporation,
Patrick R. Beason
February 09, 2007 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0500182
Sunrise Energy Inc.,
D/B/A Bluce Marlin Energy,
Shea Silva,
Energy 2000 Inc.,
Jimmey E. Morrisett
February 09, 2007 Order Of Prohibition 0400361
Daniel Passarelli,
D/B/A Million Inc.
February 15, 2007 Order Of Prohibition 0400731
Tyrone Bush February 20, 2007 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0500415
Daniel C. Lacey February 21, 2007 Notice Of Hearing 0600495
Ruttenberg & Associates,
Camelot Group Inc.,
Yucatan Resorts Inc.,
Yucatan Resorts S.A.,
Resort Holding International Inc.,
Resort Holdings International S.A.,
World Phantasy Tours Inc.,
A/K/A Majesty Travel And Viajes Majesty,
Galaxy Properties Management S.A.,
Avalon Resorts,
Michael E. Kelly
February 21, 2007 Order Of Prohibition 0300052
Felix Daniel,
R.Y.M. Technology Holdings L.L.C.,
D/B/A R.Y.M. Technology L.L.C.
February 21, 2007 Notice Of Hearing 0600670
Dave Espino,
Auctions For Income
February 23, 2007 Summary Order To Cease And Desist 0600576
Matthew R. Nall February 23, 2007 Notice Of Hearing 0600491
Blue Square Management Inc.,
Viktor Novosselov,
A/K/A David Markowitz,
A/K/A Viktor Novesellof
February 26, 2007 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0400344
Deane Joseph Pantaleo February 26, 2007 Notice Of Hearing 0700036
Edwin L. Dunn February 28, 2007 Notice Of Hearing 0700014

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