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Name of Respondent(s) Date Type of Action File Number
Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. June 02, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0500280
Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. June 02, 2008 Order Of Dismissal 0500280
Gulf Coast Mineral L.L.C.,
G.R.B. Oil & Gas Properties Inc.,
Sangamon Land Company,
Gary Billingsley
June 02, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0700567
U.S.A. Card Services June 03, 2008 Order To Cease And Desist 0800036
Midwest Quality Builders,
Ambassador Realtors,
Jimmy Lane
June 04, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0500070
Joseph Mcgivney,
J.P.M. Inc.
June 10, 2008 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0600457
Robert Loncarevic,
D/B/A Innovative Financial Solutions & Acquisitions
June 11, 2008 Consent Order Of Prohibition 0600110
Colette J. Rinehart June 12, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0800225
Robert L. Giardina June 12, 2008 Order Of Denial 0800023
Eric Robert Rydlewski,
A/K/A Arkadiusz Rydlewski,
D/B/A Merit Intergroup Ltd.,
Polish (Version Attached)
June 12, 2008 Order Of Prohibition And Fine 0700406
Edison F. Parker Jr. June 12, 2008 Consent Order Of Withdrawal 0700481
The Loan Shoppe Inc.,
The Loan Shoppe L.L.P.,
Charles Eugene Carver
June 18, 2008 Order Of Prohibition 0500211
Joseph M. Zentner Jr. June 19, 2008 Consent Order Of Dismissal 0700294
Gregory A. Eastman June 23, 2008 Consent Order Of Withdrawal Of Application 0700453
Paul B. Bulgajewski June 23, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0800284
Richard V. Morello June 23, 2008 Notice Of Hearing 0500599
Harold Carmical Jr.,
A/K/A Harold Carmichal Jr.,
Tennessee Fried Rabbit Inc.
June 24, 2008 Order Of Prohibition 0700507
Michael A. Silverman June 26, 2008 Summary Order Of Denial 0800268
John K. Thurston June 30, 2008 Consent Order Of Revocation 0800028

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