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Name of Respondent(s) Date Type of Action File Number
Andrew Wright Macgill March 01, 2012 Notice Of Hearing 1200060
Big K Energy Corporation,
Big K Energy Partners One Ltd.,
Kenneth Klienke
March 01, 2012 Order Of Prohibition 1100476
Brian Bodie,
Mortgage Desk Inc.,
Prestar Financial
March 01, 2012 Consent Order Of Prohibition 0800052
Darcey L. Folkerts,
Robert Mcavoy,
Full Circle Strategies Ltd.,
Mega Cash Flow Investments Inc.
March 01, 2012 Amended Notice Of Hearing 1000038
M.G. International Consultants L.L.C.,
Humberto Martinez
March 05, 2012 Notice Of Hearing 1100489
Sahara Torres March 05, 2012 Order Of Dismissal 1100418
Michael Macis March 06, 2012 Notice Of Hearing 1100449
Charles Edward Bell March 07, 2012 Order Of Dismissal 1100375
Timothy Cerny March 08, 2012 Notice Of Hearing 1200055
Willis Transportation Service Inc.,
Antoine Willis
March 09, 2012 Notice Of Hearing 1000003
George Teng March 09, 2012 Notice Of Hearing 0900040
Malleswara Rao Tuthika March 12, 2012 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 1200056
Robert T. Ciaccio Jr. March 13, 2012 Notice Of Hearing 1200070
Dealer Auction Access Inc March 13, 2012 Consent Order To Cease And Desist 1000407
Richard J. Coleman March 14, 2012 Notice Of Hearing 1200071
Frank J. Cilento March 15, 2012 Notice Of Hearing 1200069
Jeffrey A. Mullins March 19, 2012 Amended Notice Of Hearing 1200025
Matthew Sapaula,
Matthew Sapaula Inc.
March 19, 2012 Order To Vacate 0900415
Stephen H. Mansker Jr.,
Mansker Associates Holding Company Inc.
March 19, 2012 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 1100279
Frank Constant March 20, 2012 Consent Order Of Prohibition 0700224
Steven W. Salutric March 21, 2012 Order Of Prohibition 0900541
Save America Inc.,
March 22, 2012 Summary Order To Cease And Desist 1200023
Andrew Wright Macgill March 23, 2012 Consent Order Of Withdrawal Of Application 1200060
George Teng March 28, 2012 Consent Order 0900040
Roy D. Kessel,
The Omicron Group L.L.C.,
Capital Law Group P.C.
March 30, 2012 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 1000395

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