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Name of Respondent(s) Date Type of Action File Number
Scott K. Fischer May 02, 2005 Notice Of Hearing 0500103
Albert E. Harris,
Harris Remote Saver Inc.
May 06, 2005 Notice Of Hearing 0500044
Leonard E. Buchanan,
Michael Mata
May 09, 2005 Order Of Prohibition 0300790
Brian A. Kerns May 11, 2005 Order Of Revocation 0400272
Diesel Energy International L.L.C May 11, 2005 Order Of Revocation 0400194
Advisors Management Group Inc. May 12, 2005 Consent Order Of Censure . 0500105
Arbon Hairston,
D/B/A Satellite Doctors
May 13, 2005 Consent Order 0400119
Austin Medical Imaging L.P.,
Body Scan Imaging Centers L.L.C.,
Cardiac Imaging L.L.C.,
Las Vegas West Medical Imaging L.P.,
Medical Imaging L.L.C.,
Newscan Imaging Unit Investment Trust,
William Edgar Sharp
May 13, 2005 Notice Of Hearing 0400679
Michael R. Gerbac May 13, 2005 Order Of Revocation 0400480
Martin S. Sands May 16, 2005 Consent Order Of Withdrawal 0400325
Ray W. Hager,
Better Investment Solutions
May 18, 2005 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0500056
Rizwan Fazeel May 18, 2005 Notice Of Hearing 0500216
Robert M. Racusen May 19, 2005 Consent Order Of Revocation 0400778
Stephen G. Roehrig May 24, 2005 Summary Order Of Denial 0500183
Kim E. Elverud May 25, 2005 Consent Order Of Dismissal 0400719
Phillip R. Zanone Jr. May 25, 2005 Order Of Dismissal 0400397
William E. Casey May 25, 2005 Consent Order Of Dismissal 0400692
Peter H. You,
D/B/A Springfield L.L.C.
May 26, 2005 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0500060
David J. Memmott May 31, 2005 Order To Dismiss 0400490

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