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Name of Respondent(s) Date Type of Action File Number
Michael J. Brdecka November 01, 2006 Notice Of Hearing 0600429
Kirk S. Wright November 02, 2006 Notice Of Hearing 0600323
Michael Robert Vilim November 02, 2006 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0600098
Hughes Energy Inc. November 03, 2006 Consent Order To Continue Temporary Order 0500536
Kevin D. Wells November 03, 2006 Summary Order Of Denial 0600465
Quantum Biomod Corporation,
David A. Goodman
November 03, 2006 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0400601
Blake J. Shanaphy November 06, 2006 Amended Notice Of Hearing 0600094
Franklin Media And Technology Group,
A.E. Holdings Corporation,
A.E.H. Corporation
November 06, 2006 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 0600456
Michael A. Strulson November 06, 2006 Notice Of Hearing 0600112
Stephanie M. Elliott November 08, 2006 Consent Order Of Revocation 0600009
3R Products Inc.,
Trent M. Rousey
November 09, 2006 Consent Order 0500573
Flatlander Industries Inc.,
Richard L. Eikenberg
November 09, 2006 Consent Order 0500573
Michael Robert Vilim November 09, 2006 Notice Of Hearing 0600098
Paez Real Estate Funding,
Juan Paez
November 14, 2006 Consent Order 0400252
Michael W. Welge November 16, 2006 Notice Of Hearing 0300517
David Ferst November 17, 2006 Consent Order Of Withdrawal 0600249
Michael W. Welge November 20, 2006 Consent Order 0300517
All Things In Common L.L.C.,
D/B/A More Than Enough L.L.C.,
More Than Enough Wealth Creation Institute L.L.C.,
Roy Fluker
November 20, 2006 Notice Of Hearing 0600537
Steven W. Norin November 29, 2006 Amended Notice Of Hearing 0600310
Cynthia M. Couyoumjian November 30, 2006 Order Of Denial 0600473
Kenneth Lewis,
Hip Hop Marketing Group Inc.
November 30, 2006 Order Of Prohibition 0300579

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