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Name of Respondent(s) Date Type of Action File Number
Lawrence G. Macy October 01, 2013 Notice Of Hearing 1100012
Jeffrey Brian Meyer October 02, 2013 Final Order Of Suspension And Prohibition 1200077
M. Ramsey King Securities Inc. October 03, 2013 Order To Dismiss 1300126
Clarion Partners Securities L.L.C. October 04, 2013 Order To Vacate 1300348
Edward R. Hiller,
Pro-Tyme Classic Billiards Inc.
October 04, 2013 Notice Of Hearing 1200153
Lloyd Walter Linton,
A/K/A L.W Linton
October 04, 2013 Notice Of Hearing 1200240
Obsidian Financial Group L.L.C. October 11, 2013 Order Of Prohibition 1300157
William Lindsay,
Salina R. Zlotoreynski,
A/K/A Sauna R. Zlotorznyski,
D/B/A Gimme Sports
October 11, 2013 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 1300234
Aletheia Securities Inc. October 18, 2013 Temporary Order Of Suspension 1300179
Dustin Paul Shafer October 18, 2013 Order Of Dismissal 1200439
Adam Mosslih October 21, 2013 Demand Letter 0300164
Angela Rubbo Beckcom,
Joseph Rubbo,
Nicholas Rubbo,
Steve Dykes,
Vip Tv L.L.C,
Anj Productions L.L.C,
The Spongebuddy L.L.C.,
Vip Television Inc.
October 25, 2013 Temporary Order Of Prohibition 1300296
Anthony Mediate I I I October 25, 2013 Order Of Revocation 1300322
Obsidian Financial Group L.L.C. October 25, 2013 Order Of Cancellation 1300157
Cor Development Group Inc.,
Alberto B. Colon,
Artemio Rivera
October 29, 2013 Order Of Prohibition & Fine 0900382

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