Secretary of State Facility Location

  • Secretary of State Departments and Driver Services Facilities are closed from Jan. 3 through Jan. 24 due to increase in COVID-19 cases. Online services remain open Read More

Mt. Carmel


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Road tests generally are available until 30 minutes prior to closing; however, the number of customers waiting for road tests may necessitate an earlier cut-off time. If you are taking a road test, you must show a vehicle insurance card. Road tests will not be started after dark regardless of the time, and may be denied or discontinued due to unsafe road, weather or vehicle conditions.

Cash, check, credit cards and debit cards are accepted for Secretary of State transactions. American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards are accepted. Only a check or money order is accepted for Illinois Department of Revenue transactions.

Services Available

Services Unavailable

  • Commercial Drivers License
    • Duplicate/Corrected
    • First Time Issuance
    • Renewal
    • Road Test
    • Vision Screening
    • Written Test
  • Disability Placards
    • Permanent
    • Temporary First Time Issuance
    • Temporary Replacement
  • Drivers License
    • Duplicate/Corrected
    • First Time Issuance
    • Instruction Permit Duplicate/Corrected
    • Instruction Permit First Time Issuance
    • Instruction Permit Renewal
    • Motorcycle Road Test
    • Motorcycle Written Test
    • Non-Visa Temporary Visitors (TVDL)
    • Renewal
    • Road Test
    • REAL ID
    • Temporary Visitors (TVDL)
    • Vision Screening
    • Written Test
  • License Plates
    • B-Truck
    • C-Truck
    • Farm Trailer VDD-VDL
    • Farm Truck VF-VZ
    • Mileage
    • Motorcycle
    • Passenger
    • Recreational Trailer
    • Recreational Vehicle
    • Renewal Stickers
    • Semi Trailer
    • Specialty Plate Requests
    • Sticker Replacement
    • Trailer TB-TN
    • Transfer
  • License Plates
    • Truck D-Z
    • TA Trailer
  • Reinstatement Fees
    • Discretionary Suspension (Traffic related)
    • Failure to Appear Suspension
    • Family Responsibility Suspension
    • Mandatory Insurance Driver's License
    • Mandatory Insurance Vehicle
    • Revocation of Driver's License
    • Safety Responsibility Suspension (Uninsured Crash)
    • Statutory Summary Suspension
    • Unsatisfied Judgment Suspension
    • Zero Tolerance Suspension
  • State ID
    • Duplicate/Corrected
    • First Time Issuance
    • Renewal
    • REAL ID
  • Vehicle
    • Drive-Through Registration Renewal
    • ID Cards Duplicate/Corrected
    • Registration Only
    • Registration Renewal
    • Sticker Replacement
    • Title and New Registration
    • Title and Transfer
    • Title Duplicate/Corrected
    • Title Expedited Service
    • Title Only
    • TRP Permits
    • 30-Day Drive Away Permits
    • 7-Day Drive Away Permits
  • X
    • Address Change
    • Administrative Hearings Officer
    • Driver Record (Abstract)
    • IRP Permits
    • Non Sufficient Funds
    • Non-CDL Road Test
    • Non-CDL Written Test
    • Organ Donor Registry
    • Special Hauling Permit
    • Voter Registration Applications