St. Clair County: County Farm Board Record Index, 1874-1879 Illinois State Archives
Compiled by the Illinois Regional Archives Depository System, Southern Illinois University

Entering Search Criteria

Enter the name of the pauper or transient in the format: last name comma space first name space or period middle initial period (for example, Smith, John D. or Smith, Jos.). The first name and middle initial may be omitted to accomplish a surname search. Searches are not case sensitive: you may use any combination of upper and lower case letters.

Keep in mind that names were frequently misspelled. This was especially true for persons who could not read or write and had to rely on the staff of the County Farm to spell their names. If you cannot find a person for whom you believe is in the St. Clair County Farm Board Records, try broadening your search by entering only a portion of the surname (e.g., John instead of Johnson) or by typing variations of the spelling of a surname (such as Johnson and Johnsen).

More information about how to obtain copies of the St. Clair County Farm Records.