Illinois War of 1812 Veterans Illinois State Archives
Compiled by Fred Delap in cooperation with the Illinois State Archives

Entering Search Criteria

Enter the name of the veteran in the format: last name comma space first name space middle initial (for example, Smith, John D). The first name and middle initial may be omitted to accomplish a surname search. Searches are not case sensitive: you may use any combination of upper and lower case letters. The following types of searches may be conducted:

  • Enter the name of a veteran and select "Statewide" from the drop-down menu for the place of enlistment to return a list of all soldiers with that name. "Statewide" is the default value for place of enlistment.
  • Select the place of enlistment from the drop-down menu and leave the name of veteran blank to return a list of all soldiers who enlisted in the same locality.
  • Select "No County Listed" from the drop-down menu to see all veterans whose place of enlistment was not listed.
  • Enter the name of a veteran and select the place of enlistment or "No County Listed" from the drop down menu to return a list of soldiers meeting both criteria.

More information about how to obtain copies of the entry from the 1902 Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois.