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Notice To All Lobbying Entities And Lobbyists

The Lobbyist Registration and Expenditure Reporting Systems have a new look to the registration and reporting formats. We are aware of the benefits of maintaining continuity in our user-friendly system, therefore the changes are mostly visual, and the functioning of the web pages for your registration and reporting tasks are virtually unchanged.

As always, you are encouraged to be familiar with the Lobbyist Registration Guide and the Expenditure Reporting Guide in order to maintain compliance with the Lobbyist Registration Act, and avoid filing errors and unnecessary late fees.

Most important items for your review include:

The Secretary of State's online lobbyist maintenance system provides lobbying entities and individual lobbyists periodic informational notices via email. It is important that changes in email addresses are immediately updated by amending lobbyist registration files. Please remember that lobbyist registration is a public document. Any lobbyist who does not want his or her home address, home email address or home phone to be listed publicly should provide workplace or other alternate contact information.

If you are a new authorized agent, register now.

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